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"Halal, the term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life of a muslim. This term predominantly refers to any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic Law. It is one of five Ahkam-fard (compulsory), mustahabb (recommended), halal (allowed), makruh (disliked), haram (forbidden) that define the morality of human action in Islam. Mubah is also used to mean "permissible" or "allowed" in Islam."

Mohammed Saleem - Mr Halal


Halal Meat Defined

For meat to be halal it has to be processed in the Islamic humane process of Non stun, This is not an opinion, it’s a fact. In the UK Halal and Kosher are protected Under "Schedule 3" Regulation 27 (The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing) (England) Regulations 2015).


According to Part 1, Schedule 3, 1.(c), killing is interpreted as, "killing in accordance with religious rites" means killing without infliction of unnecessary suffering. Accordingly, the position of the Council is that the pre stunning of an animal at the time of killing amounts to infliction of unnecessary suffering and hence cannot be taken in accordance with religious rites. It is, therefore, submitted that 1. (c)(ii) of the Schedule 3, the Muslim method (halal) is without mechanical stunning, therefore meat processed by other than Religious Method cannot be labelled as Halal or Kosher.


Religious Slaughter Defined

The law of the land states that You must stun all animals before you slaughter them unless an animal is being religiously slaughtered for halal or kosher meat. Halal and Kosher are Religious method of slaughter, in English Law and the white paper, both are exempt from any form of mechanical stunning.


Campaign for Honest & Clear Labelling

There are many slaughter procedures that religions and cultures use around the world. The two that are commercially relevant are the halal and kosher methods practiced by Muslims and Jews respectively. The global trade in red meat and poultry produced using these two methods is substantial, thus the importance of honest, clear labeling and the quality of the meat produced using the methods. Simply put, halal refers to the permissible. The converse is haram, or what's not allowed.


So halal and haram apply to more than just food restrictions. For Muslims, it's haram to cheat and be wasteful while it's halal to earn an honest living and spend prudently. That's not much different to the code of conduct that most people - regardless of religion.


Halal defined


The word halal halal is derived from arabic root word Hal which means Solution for a practicing Muslim Halal is solution to all things. in short if it's good its halal

Halal Councils Campaigns

27th june 2006

Halal Council has supported both consumers and the Industry with following campaigns.

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